Are you a successful woman in midlife, asking “What’s next?”

 “So tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

Would you like to find a deep sense of fulfillment,
confidence, and self-acceptance for who–and where–you are right now?

Would you love to have the courage and clarity
to connect with your deepest desires,
knowing that this next phase of life has meaning for you 
as you find how to contribute to others.

Are you saying to yourself:

"I don't want to just be here.
I want to be able to contribute and feel like I fulfilled my purpose.
But I'm still questioning.
What is my purpose? "

Do you suffer from uncertainty and decision fatigue?

Has your self confidence taken a hit after you turned 50? 

Are you tired of taking care of everyone else, and losing a bit of your best self.

Like many successful soulful midlife women today you may be experiencing
a sense of dissatisfaction, 

knowing something is on the horizon

but not knowing what it is.


I felt like you at one time in my life. I had divorced for the 2nd time, 

was a successful entrepreneur in a soul-sucking job and a single mom.

I had so many balls in the air

I felt drained and confused. I cried a lot,

and Chardonnay was my stress management system. Not Great.


Then I got some help.

I learned some very basic tools to help me see where I was stuck.

I began to find clarity and discover a  vision for who I wanted to be.

Change happened gradually in many areas of my life.

 I found clarity and a real sense of purpose and meaning.

Today I live 
an amazing life.

I know this is possible for you.

I can help. 

If you're a spiritually conscious woman in midlife and ready to explore making a change,

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What Patricia's Clients are saying....

For more than three years, Patricia has been my spiritual coach.  As she accompanies me on my journey, she provides divinely inspired guidance with love, incredible wisdom, serenity, and practical advice that can be followed in everyday life.  She meets you where you are, remains with you in the present moment, and does so without any judgment.  She offers a sanctuary to grow and learn .  I can't imagine not having her in my life, and I'm so grateful to know her. S.K. USA

Thank you again for the 1:1 session yesterday! 
It was amazing how you completely understood where I was coming from and also saw what I was doing and what my energy is and how other people are probably resisting it.  And that I am in a state of resistance as well. Your insights were profound and amazing.  I was lying awake last night feeling so much energy moving through me that I haven’t felt it in a long time.  This is the kind of breakthrough I have been looking for to help me understand why things are not going the way I want them to in my life.  I am so grateful. C.D. USA

I wanted to say a big and major thank you for the course. I got so much out of it and feel I have a much deeper understanding of how life works now. Not to mention I feel more peaceful, energized and happier overall. I really liked your teaching style - the material was very profound and wide-ranging, and clearly challenging for some to absorb. However, the way you transmitted it was very effective from my perspective, in a non-judgmental and enlightening way. J. S. London

Before I started working with Patricia I was energetically scattered.  Not really focused on what I wanted and how to go about getting focused. No clarity. If I had continued down the same path the confusion and non-clarity would have not changed. 

I'd highly recommend Patricia because of her passion to help others and showing such compassion and love towards everyone in her classes. She becomes a friend who really cares. She is honest and straightforward in her teachings, coming from many years of spiritual studying.    Q. G. USA 

I was going through such a hard time and I was really unhappy, but I couldn’t find what I should do next and then suddenly there you were.  I think I believed that I wanted to retire because I was depressed and just wanted to give up altogether because I had gone through two really bad experiences at work over the last 2 years.  I was tired and I thought maybe I was just done.  But then you showed up at exactly the right time and helped me tremendously.  I got so much clarity from you and from the course.  I am so grateful to you for all the help you gave me at that time.  Your timing was impeccable! 

Anyway, I was just thinking about how things have changed over the last few months and remembering how much you helped me get through a really dark time.  I can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!   C. D. USA