Are you a spiritually conscious woman, moving into a new phase of life?

“So tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” 

– Mary Oliver


Would you like to find a deep sense of fulfillment,

confidence, and self-acceptance for who–and where–you are right now?


Would you love to have the courage and clarity

to connect with your deepest desires,

knowing that this next phase of life has meaning for you 

as you find how to contribute to others?

Do you say to yourself:

"I don't want to just be here.
I want to be able to contribute

and feel like I make a difference in the world."

Has your self confidence taken a hit and you're feeling almost invisible.

Are you tired of taking care of everyone else, and losing a bit of your best self.

Like many successful soulful women today you may be experiencing

a sense of dissatisfaction, a divine discontent, an inner emptiness,
knowing something is on the horizon
but not knowing what it is.

I felt like you at one time in my life. I had divorced my second husband and was on my own.

I was a successful entrepreneur in a soul-sucking job and a single mom.

I had so many balls in the air there was no time for me.

I felt drained and confused. I cried a lot.

Chardonnay was my stress management system. ..Not a great plan🙃


Then I got some help.

I found a group of women I could relate to and a spiritual community that I called home.

I learned to move outside of myself and became curious about my inner world.

I remember how I had felt connected to God, to a Higher Power and to Spirit as a child.

I learned some very basic spiritual tools to help deal with my anxiety and stress.

I began to trust my intuition and discovered a deep soulful vision for who I wanted to be.

Change happened gradually in many areas of my life.

 I found clarity and a real sense of purpose and meaning in my career.

I met a wonderful man and we've been together over 18 years.

My kids are healthy, great friends and I see the often.

And most importantly I have a sense of inner peace and fulfillment.

Today I live an amazing life with a loving partner. I love what I do

and feel an inner peace and fulfillment that brings me joy.

I know this is possible for you.

I can help. 


If you're a spiritually conscious woman and you're ready to explore your deeper spiritual journey

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In 45 minutes we can dive deep into one thing that's on your heart.

We'll create some space to move the energy.

We'll leave time for meditation and a prayer, if you like.

Trust me. I've been there. Help is on the way.

Join me alonge or with other conscious women who are empowering one another on their

Mystic Soul Power Journey.

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