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The Journey Begins with that First Step in the Direction of Our DreamsRev. Dr. Patricia Keel

Below is some of my journey, but if you want to get right to what's in it for you, is spiritual life coaching with me the right approach for you? Click here.

The journey of our awakened life begins when you take that first step in the direction of your dreams. I must admit, I often found myself on major detours, in the woods, in the dark, and crying out for help. I knew I had a path, but couldn't always find my way.

I spent many years trying on other people's ideas of who I was or what I should do, but never really listened to my own inner wisdom. I walked eyes wide open, into two marriages that I ultimately was not equipped to sustain, and finally walked out of both of them. I tried a career as a real estate broker, ran a small office and enjoyed a good income as a single mother of two children. BUT.


The proverbial BUT. We all have this BUT....BUT I was really not happy, not feeling fulfilled in my calling, not in any sort of healthy intimate relationship. By most standards I HAD IT ALL, so what was wrong with me? At one point after my second divorce, I took a look inside and saw my No. 1 destructive coping strategy, i.e. Chardonnay! This awareness finally got me in recovery and from there my life began to turn around and I began to turn within. Not drinking meant no more numbing out to my feelings. It also meant I needed to find some new friends and ways to amuse myself as a young mother of two. I took up ballroom dancing!

The inner urge for something different

My small real estate company was doing fine and I was earning a good living, but I had this inner urge to quit and go to work in the Unity church office for $10 an hour! A ludicrous thought at best (according to my then accountant...unity o I had lost my mind). But this is just what I did! One $1Million house sold, and I quit! This new job for very little pay was to be the right and perfect next step for me. From there I began a deep journey of self-discovery. I read every self-help and spiritual help book I could find. I sought out psychics, pulled angel cards, went to tarot readings, became a Reiki practitioner, and ultimately found a place inside myself that felt so very real and comfortable and alive!

As I continued this deepening path I found myself longing to teach and share

As I continued this deepening path I found myself longing to teach and share the lessons and grace I had found, and soon was on my way to becoming a Licensed Spiritual Teacher in the New Thought Unity tradition. In the mid-1990s I ended up as a Fundraiser. Hired as the Development Director and Capital Campaign Director for several large Bay Area churches and started designing spiritual growth programs, and curriculum for spiritual and personal study. I was good at it and I loved the positive results that people shared with me. I had found a niche that suited my love of life and my spiritual quest to know the Divine in a deeper way. At that time I founded SpiritMatters and supported hundreds of churches over the years with my 7-week spiritual growth programs. 

Eventually, I got the call

Eventually, I got the call to start my own church in Berkeley, California, and from 2000 to 2013 that was my work: full-time Founding Minister of Unity of Berkeley. Wanting to expand and continue my education, I enrolled in a Doctoral Program with Matthew Fox, the renegade priest who founded the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, now Ubiquity University. The curriculum was the Reinvention of Work and focused on the many paths to God and the deep cultural and spiritual traditions of indigenous peoples. I was awakened beyond my former spiritual boundaries and after 6 years of study I got new initials in front of my name, I was Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel. From that work I traveled and came to discover the underlying connections in the many wisdom traditions. This was my window into the world of Oneness. 

A friend's trip to India changed my trajectory drastically

A friend's trip to India changed my trajectory drastically in 2005 and I began to have many experiences and ever more profound shifts in my consciousness as a result of attending courses in India at the Oneness University.. now know as Ekam World Center for Enlightenment. Since that time I have been back 20 times, I've taken groups of seekers, and I'll go again hopefull in 2023. As I took on more responsibility for teaching in the states and became initiated to give a powerful transmission through my eyes, the Oneness Meditation online. I was asked to travel around the country. This expanded my community and my worldview even more. I grew to have friends all over the globe and our differences began to fade. It has been this amazing work in Oneness that has launched my coaching practice and taken me beyond my earlier work as a spiritual counselor. Coaching is a commitment to transformation, not a one-stop repair shop. 

I am passionate in my intention to support more and more women on the journey to happily ever after

Ancient teachings have become modern everyday experiences, meditation and prayer have become a way of life, deep processes that open the mind to new awareness take us where we have never been in consciousness. The time is now. We must never go back to the old ways of judgment, comparison, competition, and the suffering that comes from our sense of separation from one another, from ourselves, and from our highest most sacred connection.

Are you a spiritual warrior women feeling the call to grow and live more fully?

If you are ready to make the journey you will feel the call, the urge, the divine discontent. It is unstoppable. You are a feminine warrior and the world needs you now. So what are you waiting for? If this is you, let's have a Jumpstart session and see if you are ready to do the spiritual warrior's work with me. I am here to support you completely and help you live your one most amazing life, in technicolor, happily ever after.  Sign up for a Complimentary Soul Power Discovery Session, or email me and schedule a convenient time. 


BA: Boston University,
Le Sorbonne: Paris, France
Masters work in Environmental Land Use Planning, Univ. of Rhode Island,
Doctorate in Ministry, The Reinvention of Work, Wisdom University

Spiritual Training, Travel and Experience:

CA Real Estate Broker 1990
Licensed Spiritual Teacher, Unity 1995
Facilitation Trainer 1993 and Trainer of Trainers 1995
Founder, SpiritMatters Spiritual Growth Programs 1999
Founding Minister, Unity of Berkeley, 2000-2013
Ordained Unity Minister 2006
Doctorate in Ministry, in the Reinvention of Work 2006
The Oneness Program - Live Radio CoHost, San Francisco 2007
The Oneness Program online radio station - 2011-2015
Oneness Trainer, Oneness University, India 2010
Awakening Experience, India 12-12-12
Initiated as a Oneness Meditator 2012
Advanced Oneness Trainer, 2014
Sacred Chamber Facilitator, 2014
Podcast Host: Relationship Fix - 2018
Hospice Vigil Volunteer, ongoing
Over 20 trips bringing students and taking courses in India  2006 - 2019
One Consciousness Transformer, Ekam, India 2018
Ekam Enlightenment Festival and trained Ekam Mitra, India 2019
Ekam Dheera - courageous spiritual friend leading No. CA and Texas groups
Best Selling Author, Chapter 10 in The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing 2021
Part-time Minister, 2022 guest speaker Unity of Santa Rosa, California 2017 - present

Former Ballroom dancer, super fun grandmother, great cook and curious seeker

Media Outlets

Oneness Program Internet Radio- 24/7 online interviews hosted by me
The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Published Amazon Best Seller, December 2021,
Chapter 10: Divine Discontent:Finding Your True Self in Times of Transition

New World Women Luminary - I'll be teaching Spiritual Courses online in 2023

Women's Spaces Radio
Sense of Soul Podcast





I wrote Chapter 10 in this new Best Seller! Divine Discontent: Finding Your True Self in Times of Transition. Grab the Ebook or Paperback on Amazon


What Patricia's Clients are saying....

For more than three years, Patricia has been my spiritual coach.  As she accompanies me on my journey, she provides divinely inspired guidance with love, incredible wisdom, serenity, and practical advice that can be followed in everyday life.  She meets you where you are, remains with you in the present moment, and does so without any judgment.  She offers a sanctuary to grow and learn .  I can't imagine not having her in my life, and I'm so grateful to know her. S.K. USA

Thank you again for the 1:1 session yesterday! 
It was amazing how you completely understood where I was coming from and also saw what I was doing and what my energy is and how other people are probably resisting it.  And that I am in a state of resistance as well. Your insights were profound and amazing.  I was lying awake last night feeling so much energy moving through me that I haven’t felt it in a long time.  This is the kind of breakthrough I have been looking for to help me understand why things are not going the way I want them to in my life.  I am so grateful. C.D. USA

I wanted to say a big and major thank you for the course. I got so much out of it and feel I have a much deeper understanding of how life works now. Not to mention I feel more peaceful, energized and happier overall. I really liked your teaching style - the material was very profound and wide-ranging, and clearly challenging for some to absorb. However, the way you transmitted it was very effective from my perspective, in a non-judgmental and enlightening way. J. S. London

Before I started working with Patricia I was energetically scattered.  Not really focused on what I wanted and how to go about getting focused. No clarity. If I had continued down the same path the confusion and non-clarity would have not changed. 

I'd highly recommend Patricia because of her passion to help others and showing such compassion and love towards everyone in her classes. She becomes a friend who really cares. She is honest and straightforward in her teachings, coming from many years of spiritual studying.    Q. G. USA 

I was going through such a hard time and I was really unhappy, but I couldn’t find what I should do next and then suddenly there you were.  I think I believed that I wanted to retire because I was depressed and just wanted to give up altogether because I had gone through two really bad experiences at work over the last 2 years.  I was tired and I thought maybe I was just done.  But then you showed up at exactly the right time and helped me tremendously.  I got so much clarity from you and from the course.  I am so grateful to you for all the help you gave me at that time.  Your timing was impeccable! 

Anyway, I was just thinking about how things have changed over the last few months and remembering how much you helped me get through a really dark time.  I can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!   C. D. USA