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How to Get What You Want

In this self study coaching program, you are going to explore how to set a powerful vision to move your forward on purpose to live your dream life. Upon payment you will receive an email with immediate information to access the full program.

97.00 USD

Tune Into What Matters Most

A powerful self study course designed to help you clarify your most important values based on how you are living your life right now. The 6 module course is accessible immediately so you can explore each module as deeply as you desire at your own pace.

97.00 USD

Courage, Risks and Rewards Self Study Course

In this self paced coaching program, you will explore 5 key areas that will help you find the courage to step out, take risks and reap great rewards. It doesn't matter why, how or where you are feeling stuck in your life, this program will take you beyond your comfort zone and open new doors to exciting opportunities! Dive right in and Just DO IT, or take the steady week by week approach, You are in the drivers seat. This is YOUR program.

97.00 USD

HELP! I need a session

For a Single Coaching Session - ~ 50 minute session with Rev. Dr. Patricia by phone or Video Conference Zoom ~Recording optional at request of the client After you make a payment and register through the private portal you will get a calendar with available times to schedule your appointment and a Pre-Call Strategy Form to prepare for our session. **Three and six month coaching packages are available at a significant discount. $550 per month or full payment of $1350 for 10 sessions.

165.00 USD

4 sessions Private Coaching

Four 55 minutes sessions with Patricia, on video with Zoom or SKYPE, Phone or in person in Kentfield. These can be set up over 30-60 days. Clients will also have access to the private client portal for "just in time" questions and coaching.

550.00 USD

SpiritMatters Life Coaching Package-3 payment option

SpiritMatters Life Coaching Package 3 pay option ~ 10 Private Coaching Sessions- typically over three months ~ Call Strategy Tool ~ Post-Session Recap Tool ~ Just-in-Time:Online Access in between coaching calls ~ Private Client Portal to post homework and request review ~ Recording of every session

1350.00 USD
split into 3
of 450.00 each

SpiritMatters Life Coaching Package Full Pay + Bonus sessions

Full Pay, includes two extra half hour session  plus the full SpiritMatters Life Coaching Package ~ 10 Private Coaching Sessions- typically 10 sessions over three months ~ Call Strategy Tool ~ Post-Session Recap Tool ~ Just-in-time:Online Access in between coaching calls ~ Private Client Portal to post homework and request review ~ Recording of every session

1350.00 USD

7 Chakras and You

This is a powerful program that will introduce you to the mystery and power of the subtle body energy system that we know as the Chakras. Upon your registration will be taken to your private portal with an overview of the course plus the first lesson. Every few days a new lesson will be delivered to you. This is a self study program and you are encouraged to practice the breathing techniques, the hand positions (mudras), and the various meditation practices that are offered to activate and balance each of the 7 chakras. 


In addition to your self study material. You will have two half hour coaching sessions. One at the start of your program and one when you are entering the 4th chakra, the heart chakra. 

279.00 USD

Values to Vision Intensive - Online

This intensive combines some powerful self reflection and inner awareness, with a Virtual Group Coaching Call.

Once your register you will receive the materials to begin your personal Values Focus and Assessment. The Virtual Group Coaching Call will take place on Sunday Oct. 21st 9-noon Pacific. and Wed. Oct. 24th 5pm Pacific

79.00 USD

Values to Vision Intensive-LIVE

Register for the October 20th Live Intensive.

9:30 - 5:30 in Kentfield
Vegetarian Lunch and materials included 
Limited to 8

89.00 USD