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How to Get What You Want

In this self study coaching program, you are going to explore how to set a powerful vision to move you forward on purpose to live your dream life. Upon payment you will receive an email with immediate information to access the full program.

97.00 USD

Courage, Risks and Rewards Self Study Course

In this self paced coaching program, you will explore 5 key areas that will help you find the courage to step out, take risks and reap great rewards. It doesn't matter why, how or where you are feeling stuck in your life, this program will take you beyond your comfort zone and open new doors to exciting opportunities! Dive right in and Just DO IT, or take the steady week by week approach, You are in the drivers seat. This is YOUR program.

97.00 USD

The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude:
The Key to Living a Joyful Life

New Year Special $97 only $27

You’ll find out exactly what goes into developing inner joy…
how to navigate situations that bring you down…
how to create an attitude of consistent gratitude in your life…
and much more.

27.00 USD