Why do women seek life coaching?

Why do women seek life coaching? Here are some common reasons:

They’re feeling bored and stuck in a passionless life and want to feel alive again.

They have an inner longing for more meaning and purpose in their lives. 

They’re feeling overwhelmed and looking for the perfect balance between career and family.

They feel stuck or trapped in a relationship with a spouse or family member and can’t see their part in the drama.

They want to reinvent themselves either personally or professionally and need clarity and guidance in identifying who that new person is.

They want a career change but either have no idea how to make that move or aren’t sure what they want to do or even what their greatest gifts and talents are.

They’re looking for personal and spiritual development to reach their full potential.

They have accomplished much of what they always thought they wanted and carry a question of “What now?”

Does this sound like you?

I love one on one coaching with women, to help them get out of their stuck places, their overwhelm and confusion, and access their most creative higher sacred soul calling. This can begin in any area of life, as transformation is an inner journey that bears outer fruit over time. Relationships shift, a new calling emerges, family tensions soften, purpose and direction becomes clear, right action flows with ease, and money and resources seem to miraculously appear.

I have several Signature Programs that include self study, one on one coaching and some group coaching by teleconference. These include the 3 Keys to Positive Prayer, New You: ReVision 2017, Relationship DNA Codes, Thriving in the Midst of Change, Authentic You, Confident You, Happily Ever After Divorce,  3 Keys to Wealth Consciousness, Karma and You. These programs are offered at different times through the year, or I can integrate the material into a private coaching program for you.

My individual SpiritMatters Transformational Coaching clients get access to many ancient teachings and practices  that I have learned in my studies and travels in India. I specifically incorporate the powerful Growth Formula, 6 Needs of the Self, Higher and Lower Consciousness, and offer special meditation and breath practices with my longer term clients.

If you are ready to make the journey you will feel the call, the urge, the divine discontent. It is unstoppable. You are a feminine warrior and the world needs you now. So what are you waiting for? If this is you, let's have a Jumpstart session and see if you are ready to do the warrior's work with me. I am here to support you completely and help you live your one most amazing life, in technicolor, happily ever after.  

Here is the calendar link, sign up for a Complimentary Jumpstart Session, or email me patriciakeel@gmail.com and schedule a convenient time. 


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